Teppo skewer with printing
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A kind of Teppo skewer with natural bamboo materials. the only difference with the Teppo skewor is that this skewor has different printing. 
Customized Printing
Natural Bamboo
Disposable and Biodegradable
Materials: Natural bamboo
Size: 90mm, 110mm, 150mm, 180mm etc.
Package: 100pcs/bag, 100bags/ctn, or custom package
MOQ: 10cartons or negotiable
Like Teppo Skewer, the Teppo Skewer with printing is very popular in all kinds of barbecue parties. It is a kind of essential, affordable product during barbecue. At some point, we all need it, and we can enjoy our barbecue with safety.
With the natural bamboo materials, the Teppo Skewer with printing can directly contact with food without any health problems. Because of its different printing, it looks very pretty with different styles. If you want to have your own unique style on your Teppo Skewer, you can make it.
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