Our Factory
Established in 2003, Wuhan Hui you Wood Products Co.Ltd(HYWOODSTICK) is located in Wuhan province ("Chicago of China")who has a population of 10,220,000 people and lower labor costs. Meanwhile, it is only 21km away from Hankou trading port, and also owns dozens of railways, roads and expressways passing through the company.With favorable geographical position, HYWOODSTICK enjoys extremely convenient business conditions.

Raw material
Over the past decades,our raw material such as birch wood receives 1,929 hours of bright sunshine annually ,and our loyal employees strive for eco-friendliness and comfort for our customers and overseas dealers. Customers from around the world can rely on us for any wooden&bamboo projects stripe, bow-tie,round edge or straight edge.

HYWOODSTICK has been expanding its business by meeting the customer needs.Through adopting the most popular rotary cutting machines and tri-carved cutting machine, our production line can produce a wide variety of sizes and shapes of sticks.Over 12 years of experience give us the ability to solve the challenges facing your wooden&bamboo products business.

Quality Assurance
The quality of wooden&bamboo products relies much on quality control in its manufacturing process.That is why we set a special quality assurance team along the production line to meet internal and customer requirements.Strictly in accordance with the international quality system standard GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008 , we check every HYWOODSTICK product throughout quality testing to ensure product quality.

Before HYWOODSTICK bamboo&wooden product leaves factory, its physical properties and package are checked. Only qualified products are allowed to be storage and delivered.At the same time ,Welcome To Come Visit HYWOODSTICK.
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